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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 13, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman and we've got the best videos from the web right here, "right this minute." a terrifying scene as people try to fend off a dog who is -- >> off the leash. on the loose. >> how they finally got out of one dangerous situation. awesome video of a horse race as riders -- >> go over 15 fences. >> the camera angle that lets you feel every near miss. frantic moves by a paraglider who realizes -- >> he's spinning out of control.
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>> how he survived one rough landing. and all you got to do is pull a fake snake around -- >> and people go nuts. >> whoa! >> see the prank that's simply perfect. >> what the [ bleep ]? >> he snapped. lots of debate and discussion about this next video on the web. beautiful scene la concha beach, san sebastian, spain, what the debate is about this dog off the leash on the loose. you can see the dog sort of nibbling at, biting at this group of people. he grabs that one girl's skirt and kind of pulls it, but keep watching because the older man gets knocked over and look at his leg. his leg is bleeding. maybe the dog nipped him on the leg. it looks like this dog might be a puppy. it looks like the dog might be trying to play but you can see he's trying to bite that girl's boots. but the dog biting at that woman's boot. >> ripped her stockings.
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>> looks like that's the case, too. we believe that this guy here in the white in the red pants with the adidas shoes he's probably the owner, he's the only one trying to wrangle the dog. eventually this group shows up with other dogs and that doesn't do anything. and the leashes kind of start to tie up the people's legs but right here watch the guy in white it looks like he yells the dog's name maybe and the dog runs away and that's sort of the end of the scene. a lot of people upset who's to blame here is sort of the conversation. >> the owner of the dog is to blame if the dog hasn't been trained the dog doesn't know how to do this. your dog needs to be well trained enough to be off leash and not attack other dogs and people. >> probably the worst situation for the dog situations like this where the dog gets out of control it's usually the animal that pays the price. >> oh, absolutely. >> and this looks like a pit bull mix and that automatically puts fear in people's heart because of the reputation they have. i have a pit bull and i don't
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like to take him off leash unless he's at a dog park and people get scared look at him, he's a sweet dog and never bitten anybody but other people don't know that. you know, in my mind paragliding is one of the safer extreme sports because you've got a parachute. your parachute's already deployed. you should be safe. this is a paraglider. he comes slow, low, over the body of water. there's a bit of a dam there and i guess he's lucky? >> oh. >> that's not what he was planning. no, no, no. >> no. i would call that a refreshing flight for sure. the next guy flying over the countryside in slovenia has a different problem. he's out there with a bunch of buddies. you can see the paragliders out in the distance but what you can't see is what causes this guy to have such huge problems right here. >> oh. >> what happened? >> no. >> all of a sudden he goes into a stall. the main wing collapses he said.
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he's spinning out of control. he's trying to pump it to get it to inflate again. that doesn't work so in a split decision he tosses his reserve chute. when he does that, he says his main chute reinflates. now he's struggling with two separate chutes. homes o he's out of control and headed for the ground. >> oh, no. >> man. >> that didn't sound good. >> that was a bit of a hard landing for sure. he does, however, miss the rocks that you see. he managed to fracture his back in two different places. he was airlifted to the hospital where he recovered. bet you he wishes he crashed into the water. >> yeah. firefighters, excavators, police, villagers, a lot of people got involved in the rescue of a 10-year-old in china during the school day. he got across the roadway and fell down a well. the well head estimated at 15 inches wide. the well they believe he fell 32
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feet. here you have people with ropes. they're also feeding oxygen to the little boy bause thiset him out. there you can see an excavator also in the area trying to get the boy out of where he fell. >> we see a lot of videos coming out of china of children stuck in wells, stuck in these holes that are dug in places close to playgrounds, close to fields where they are flying their kites. i feel like just some covering, just some cover over some of these places could save people a lot of heartache and injuries. >> apparently in well was uncovered. it was in a courtyard. he was okay. according to paramedics on the scene they say he only had minor abrasions. >> and he's strong enough to hang on to the rope there. that surprised me. i thought they would pick him up and carry him out there. >> they wanted him to put the rope around himself, but the reason why he got stuck was his leg got caught that's why he didn't fall further down the well because they say the well was deeper than the 32 feet
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where he got stuck. one of the things they did fear was during this whole ordeal wereingi objects, but at the end of the day that didn't happen. let's hit the english countryside for a really cool horse race. this is the cross-country horse race 2014. all 20 riders and their horses are ready to go. now, in this two-mile race they'll have to go over 15 fences. and the cool thing is that the rider on this particular horse johnny barnett has a go pro on his helmet so we actually get to in a way partake in this race ourselves. >> this looks like fun. >> he does seem to be leading a good part of this race. every once in a while he'll look to his sides and we'll get so see some of the other riders. >> this is awesome to see from this perspective with the horse's head bobbing up and down
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as it comes up on the fences and you see them go right over it. you feel like you're the one controlling this horse. >> yes. for the most part the race looks like it's all going as planned. everybody is going really fast trying to beat the other. this is when things really get challenging. pay attention to this rider here, right at the front. you see that? >> man down. man down! >> the horse just takes off in a completely different direction. but they keep going. here is another very close call. number five's horse decides, you know, i think i'm going to not do this. oh, yeah. >> oh, no. >> dangerous for man and beast. >> i know. this guy falls right next to johnny. fortunately misses him completely. >> ah! >> and this is homestretch right here and now they're galloping. they're giving it all they have. and at this point johnny is kind of in third but he manages to gain some ground. and right about here as this dog is coming to greet them --
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>> whoa. >> -- they cross the finish line. johnny comes in second place. >> yay! >> i don't know about you, but i had a ton of fun watching this video. it's a short film about the relationship between a father and a son. >> the first thing you hear the son say, i didn't like my father. >> the story that takes a twist to a touching ending. when the snow blows in, so does the mail. >> this guy is amazed because the mail man is delivering. >> this guy is nuts!
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it's possible to convey a powerful message in a very short period of time. that's the beauty of a short film. this short film is called "gift" and incredibly powerful. it's the story of a relationship between father and son and the first thing you hear the son say is i didn't like my father. and then we're bombarded with images of the father and of the father/son relationship as the boy ages. >> working harder than all my friends' father. >> and we quickly learn the father was a clown. that's what the father did for a living and h telling the sto w impressed. >> why are we not rich? >> who says we're not rich? being rich is not about how much
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you have. but how much you give. >> so in working hard the son gets a scholarship, moves to america. becomes a successful businessman. >> are you coming back for reunion this year? >> no, i'm not coming home this year. i got a new job here. maybe after new year, we'll see. >> and then he loses his father. >> and as he's going through all of his father's things he finds all of these envelopes and they're all donations made in the son's name. so, he goes to this organization where the donations were made and the woman says we've been waiting for you. and she takes him to this room where he now meets this man. >> he always makes us forget about problems. he remind s us of our dreams an hopes, he's the only one who brings a smile to their faces. >> and that inspires him to do this. >> my father, i will celebrate
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his life as he would have wanted it. >> he becomes the clown. oh! >> didn't see that one coming. >> i could almost hear him say being rich is not about how much you have but how much you can give. >> this entire film is nearly eight minutes long but definitely worth the watch. to see it go over to and click on today's show. sometimes it's the commentary that makes the video. we start in canada where there's been a big storm and this guy is amazed because his mail man is delivering and not just to some big steel box. he's delivering door to door. >> way too seriously, holy smokes, look at this sn snow blowing in. >> that is some dedication to your job. people are getting their mail. >> what is he supposed to do, i'm sorry, i'm not going out in the crappy weather. >> the road isn't plowed and he's still delivering the mail.
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this guy adds the commentary they want to replace door-to-door delivery with a big metal box, and this guy is you need to keep his job because somebody is willing to go door to door. >> that's dedication to their job if they are willing to go to this length. >> the commentary is priceless because this man has found something very rare in michigan. something you wouldn't expect. >> sunshine? >> a polar bear. >> people say we don't have polar bears in michigan. but guess what? i believe we do. you want to know why? i've got one right here. >> mr. polar bear is a black lab. the black lab's name is actually albert and albert just loves the snow and he's laying in it. and it goes to show boys will be boys, even if another boy isn't around, he's ready for a tussle. >> you want to fight? you want to fight? >> albert is, oh, boy. >> albert could not care less. >> albert, come here. >> good boy.
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you know, the systems in the new cars you need to push a button to answer a call to change the channel on the radio, very safe and handy and also yank your hair out maddeningly annoying because things like this happen. >> hey? songs. >> radio. >> no. play list. >> tv. >> no. >> it is not available. >> okay. after being fair he's got a pretty thick accent. >> yeah. >> but he's driving an audi and the speech assist has an accent as well. some of the words he's saying are pretty clear. like play list. the car comes back with tv. tv in a car? that doesn't even make sense. >> i couldn't tell what he was saying either. >> he asked for nickel back. >> nickel back. >> map. >> map?
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>> yeah. >> these two are just not getting along in any way. >> does he at any point go nein! >> shut up! >> navigation. >> nein! >> it only recognizes nonregional dialect, everything else, even my accent doesn't work on these things. >> wait, you have an accent? >> no. >> too fat. >> this name has not yet been stored. >> oh, no. oh, no. a daredevil is about to make a big leap but the thing is -- >> he's a child. >> see how an 11-year-old handles the horns. >> three, two, one. >> ah. >> no. and dan loves flash mobs, so his wife planned a birthday surprise. ♪ >> suddenly you hear olivia newton-john's "physical" start playing and now dan is part of a
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right there. oh! makes me crazy. [ [ mamalele a annnnouounc] relief starts now. gold d bobondnd extra strength medicated lotion hahas s a a popowewerfrfululr to relieve all day. ggolold d bobondnd.. there are father/son experiences and then there's this. father and son are at the very tippy top of what's known as the horn, a very popular climbing destination in norway. >> oh, we've seen this. >> yes. >> we've seen the horn on the show. >> yes. >> the last time it was seen it was shot by a quad copter. >> in this moment you see the son about to take the leap from the bighorn known as store horn over to the horn up ahead. three, two, one. >> ah. >> oh. >> nerve-racking. >> that gap has to look bigger because it's on a action camera because it's got the wide angle view, i got to believe it's not that as dramatic when you are up there. >> well, if you believe that a
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five-foot gap is not that big, it's pretty big. >> it looks like the grand canyon from this shot. >> the son's name is william. listen to his voice. he's a child. when he did this, he was 11 years old. >> gee. >> he'll go up to be afraid of nothing. >> his dad and he trained for years so he could have the strength and stamina and the strength in his fingers, of course, to be able to do this, and dad said it was a nerve-racking experience because he has no control over the ropes that are holding his son but at the same time he was very proud to see this very young boy taking that leap and basically ticking his butt. after he lands he gets up and even takes a step right to the edge of the horn. look. >> oh, boy. one of those things, though, you're glad you did it, because if you didn't it, you'll regret it forever. >> how many times will you be at the top of the horn? your 80th birthday i would say is a pretty darn good deal so you got to become an
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octogenarian in style, right? this is at fritzman beach and country club in florida. dan is the fella turning 80. according to dan's wife, he loves to wash flash dances on youtube. what he means is flash mobs. suddenly you hear olivia newton-jo newton-john's "physical" start playing and now dan is part of a flash mob. or you could call it a flash dance because some people are wearing leg warmers. >> kind of looks like they are in "flash dance." >> just to give you a little more information hend this video. it's actually dan's wife linda who organized this entire flash mob because he wanted to make dan the star of a viral video. dan is happy as a clam right now. >> it's all the ladies in the neighborhood, oh, hello myrtle, betty, lydia, good to see you, jennifer, nice, very cute. >> here comes a guy, dancing to "sexy and i know it."
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♪ >> a little celebration from kool and the gang and the whole group is getting down. ♪ just as the flash mob parts, frank sinatra's "it had to be you" playing and in walks dan's gorgeous bride linda. look how emotional dan is. you can tl they are still in love. >> what a great idea. they all must love dan and thee must be a pillar in his community to come out for dan. >> i think they did a good job. >> he can watch his video over and over and over. it's all screams when a fake snake slithers by. >> and people go nuts. >> how this prank has some dudes handing over their man card.
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this is definitely something you didn't think you'd see today, two guys trying to make a cake on a youtube video. that would be difficult enough for two dudes. but they've got electric stim pads attached to your arms, and these things are on and you can see as they go it's making their arms seize up. the video from caffeine creations. it's funny because they are not speaking english. so they're trying to do your standard cooking show. remember the stim. he's got to stir this. not the easiest task when you don't really have control over your limbs. they do end up with something here. they bring a woman in here to try to eat some of the cake. looks like she's got them on, too, and it looks like they are trifeing ing
3:57 pm
trying to go in sync. >> i love it. sometimes pranks are so simple yet so effective, this prank from the prank files youtube channel. >> it's just on a string. that's all it is. >> it's a fake snake on a string. somebody's just pulling this snake across a pathway and what looks like a busy shopping area and people go nuts. >> whoa! >> you see him jump? >> proof that white men can jump. and seriously. he got a nice vertical leap there. >> i will say it is the dudes, the guys, who seem to be more afraid. watch this guy in the little vest here. >> oh, [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> oh, my goodness. the girl in front of him, no regard for his lady at all. he could be a perfectly innocuous snake and people, it doesn't matter, you see that shape and it's just pure fear. people are scared of snakes. >> yes. >> that's all it is. >> what the [ bleep ]!
3:58 pm
>> the men definitely more terrified. >> you saw a guy with a gun pointed at him. that's how quick he got out of there. >> maybe the men aren't more terrified they just react faster and with more vigor. no? >> i don't think that's how it's working. >> oh, my god, you scared the hell out of me! >> see, she reacted but she just kind of stood there. good stuff. all you need's a little rubber snake and you got a good prank on your hands. >> i want to do this right now. that's our show. we'll see you for the next edition of "rtm."
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